Vantage bean to cup coffee machines... the perfect solution

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

If you want to offer a warm welcome and leave a lasting impression, bean to cup coffee machines are the perfect choice for your office or showroom.

The UK’s growing coffee culture…

With over 70 million cups of coffee enjoyed in the UK every day – the majority in the workplace – it is no surprise that forward-thinking organisations are giving more thought to the hot drinks they offer to customers, visitors and employees.

And this coffee culture shows no sign of fading.  So when it comes to office coffee machines, bean to cup machines are proving a popular choice for businesses wanting to recreate the coffee shop experience for their staff and customers.

The Vantage bean to cup coffee machine range – Making the ‘coffee shop experience’ affordable

  • RW60 thumb RW60 – A versatile, cost-effective, medium capacity machine capable of serving approximately 150 cups a day. Choose from great tasting café lattes, black coffees, cappuccinos, espressos, hot chocolate, choco milk, moccachino or hot water for our luxury tea blends
  • rw65 thumbRW65 – An attractive medium capacity machine available in white or black. Able to serve up to 175 cups per day, this clever machine has 10 drink options, plus hot water. It can also produce layered espressos and latte macchiatos – unique for a machine of this size
  • RW80 thumbRW80 – A medium-high capacity machine capable of serving 120 great tasting drinks per day, with decaf options for all coffees. Fresh beans visible on the outside of the machine get your taste buds tingling, and the high delivery area can support an espresso cup or a coffee jug, giving you a very versatile machine


Premium quality bean to cup office coffee machines

  • rw85 thumbRW85 – Available in white or black, this is a robust and visually striking bean to cup coffee machine, with illuminated buttons and delivery area. Capable of serving up to 250 drinks per day, from a menu with 10 hot drinks choices, plus hot water, this is a popular medium-high capacity machine
  • RW95 Bean to cup coffee machineRW95 – The epitome of bean to cup coffee machine solutions, the RW95 is Vantage’s flagship technology. As visually stunning as the hot drinks it produces, this machine doesn’t just have the talents of an experienced barista. It also acts as a ‘silent salesman’, working hard to promote your business via the captivating, customisable video screen.
  • Vantage Drinks Centre with RW95 coffee machineVantage Drinks Centre – The epitome of style, this multifaceted product enables clients to create their own branded hospitality suite, which serves great tasting hot and cold drinks alike. If first impressions matter to your business, you won’t find a more impactful solution. Incorporating a bean-to-cup coffee machine of your choice, plus a sleek Berg & Spritzen water tap, we ensure all taste buds are catered for. The drinks centre even includes in-built cup dispensers, a display area for your consumables, elegant dark olive wood storage cupboards and a concealed bin. It couldn’t be more hassle free!

What is a bean to cup coffee machine?

These elegant, modern appliances grind real, fresh coffee beans in the touch of a button. All you have to do is select your drink of choice, add sugar or treat yourself to a luxury syrup that perfectly satisfies your tastebuds. The result is an authentic, great tasting hot refreshment that will satisfy even the greatest coffee connoisseur. The machines can even be set to dispense hot chocolate and water for our Fairtrade teas, if required.

Six great bean to cup office coffee machines, one consistent set of benefits

Whichever bean to cup coffee machine you choose, you can:

  • Create the real coffee shop experience with your choice of blends from our Caffè PICCO range
  • Brew professional, memorable coffees, with our cost-effective, flexible and fuss-free technology – barista not required!
  • Quickly and cleanly replenish the coffee beans, chocolate and milk, reducing downtime and the level of hassle often associated with hot drinks machines
  • Benefit from excellent value for money. We may supply premium quality office coffee machines, but we’ve worked hard to ensure the technology remains affordable, with low running costs
  • Our full maintenance services further protect your investment and provide added peace of mind
  • Be up and running in only five days, from the point of order. And, on the rare occasion that you experience any issues with your machine, we promise to have that fully resolved in five days too.

PLUS: For that personal touch, ask us about the custom-made cups, saucers and accessories we can produce, to reflect your own company branding. To discuss your coffee machine requirements in further detail please contact Vantage Spaces on 0845 37 111 35 or complete our short enquiry form. Our no-obligation consultation process is free, so why not find out how we can help you, or arrange a product demonstration or taste test?

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