Office Water Coolers… Stay Cool And Hydrated

Eliminate the need for environmentally unsound bottled water with our great range of plumbed water chillers.

Take Control Of Costs With A Plumbed Office Water Cooler

Every cup of bottled water costs you money. The larger your staff count, the larger your overheads. Not only do you require more bottles more regularly, you also have to consider storage. With Vantage plumbed-in office water coolers you can utilise mains fed water and reduce the money you spend year on year.

You don’t have to sacrifice your style – our elegant range will suit any interior office scheme and budget. The cost of renting our office water coolers is fixed. If your staff count grows, your overhead remains the same. Choose Vantage, the experts in chilling water… Leeds, Manchester, throughout Yorkshire and nationwide.

Pure, thirst-quenching water

Using an Omnipure filter to remove chlorine, other impurities and any particles larger than one micron; each and every water cooler delivers as much chilled refreshment as you require. And because with our chillers, standing water is not being stored for days, even months, there is no opportunity for bacteria to grow.

Are you aware of the extra benefits of Vantage office water coolers?

  • You will improve your environmental credentials by eliminating the need for plastic water butts delivered by gas guzzling vans.
  • You will free up valuable space allocated to storage of large water bottles.
  • You will remove the health and safety risk posed to the person who has to carry and fit the heavy, cumbersome bottles.

Swift, discreet installation

Call our Leeds office today and speak to one of our water cooler experts. We will survey your workplace to identify the nearest water points and recommend appliances that will meet your anticipated usage. Installation of the water cooler is usually carried out within seven days of your order and our engineers are fully trained by the European Point of Use Drinking Water Association (EDWCA).

To provide long term peace of mind, each office water cooler is fitted with a water safety kit; a pressure regulator that will automatically shut down the supply in the unlikely event a leak is detected. As part of our continued commitment to clients, we offer various maintenance packages to cover the lifetime of our machines.

And that’s not all…

Our experienced advisers are happy to discuss your specific needs and recommend appropriate equipment. Don’t forget, we specialise in all aspects of the corporate environment and also offer hot refreshments and real or replica plants to enhance your staff and visitor experience.

For a free consultation or product demonstration, contact the Vantage team today on 0845 37 111 35 or… or visit the Vantage showroom in Leeds, UK.