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Why Caffè PICCO?

When it comes to creating a real coffee shop experience, it’s not just the technology that matters. It is the aroma and taste of premium quality blends that will really stimulate the senses of your visitors and employees.

That’s why we’ve carefully chosen a range of Caffè PICCO coffees, to satisfy varied palates and ensure a great tasting, value for money refreshment, with every cup. Whether you’re looking for an easy-drinking delicate flavour, or the rich intensity of a full-bodied blend, we can help you make the right first impression.

Our Range

Available as beans or filter coffee, Caffè PICCO’s extensive range comes in a variety of strengths and with different toffee, nut and chocolate undertones.

Where possible the coffee is responsibly sourced from Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade suppliers, giving you peace of mind that your Corporate Social Responsibility conscience is being safeguarded. And if branding is really important to you, we can even personalise your coffee solution to reflect the identity of your business.

The Taste Test

Our coffee solutions are stylish, professional and cost-effective but it’s not enough for them to simply look the part. They have to stand up to the ‘taste test’ too. We therefore take great pride in working with our roasters to continually refine the blends within our Caffè PICCO range. That way, we can satisfy ever-changing consumer tastes.

From the origin of the beans, through to the quality of the finished drink following rigorous testing at our new headquarters, we leave no stone unturned. Through our role as one of Yorkshire’s premier coffee bean suppliers we always seek customer feedback to ensure our drinks leave the long-lasting impression that we hope they will.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read a short case study of a new Caffè PICCO customer with a bean to cup machine, or discover why a train operating company now serves Caffè PICCO filter coffee to first class passengers.


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