Tea supplies for commercial businesses... great-tasting tea is our speciality

Tea Blends… because coffee’s not for everyone

The UK may be witnessing an ever-growing coffee culture, but for many people, the taste for tea is here to stay. That’s why all of our coffee machines can be set to dispense hot water for our extensive range of tea blends. So whether you’re looking for a proper brew to kick-start your day or a speciality tea to tantalise your taste buds, we’ve got it covered.


Yorkshire Tea – a ‘proper brew’ from Taylor’s of Harrogate

When it comes to black tea there is no better alternative than Yorkshire Tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate, a tea specialist rich in heritage. With a history dating back to 1886, the company is synonymous with quality and therefore bears the Royal Warrant, the ultimate stamp of excellence.

Not just a favourite in Vantage’s own county, Yorkshire Tea is renowned by consumers throughout the nation as the ‘proper brew’. In fact, as more and more Britons move abroad, Yorkshire Tea has grown to become stocked in shops worldwide too. So, knowing our clients want to serve the very best hot drinks to their staff, customers and visitors, as a tea supplier we can’t deliver any less than the tastiest tea.

That’s why we stock Yorkshire Tea in 3kg packs of 1200 tea bags, ensuring you always have plentiful supply! What’s more, the tea is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified, which upholds our commitment to providing customers with ethical and sustainable choices.


Fairtrade tea blends from Ridgways Tea Company

Established almost 200 years ago when founder Thomas Ridgway opened his first tea shop in London, Ridgways maintains its tradition as a tea supplier that produces high quality speciality teas, which satisfy both everyday drinkers and the most discerning of taste buds. And, in-keeping with Vantage’s commitment to working with ethical and responsible suppliers, Ridgways’ teas are all Fairtrade certified.

Supplied as string, tag and envelope bags in packs of 20, Vantage can offer English breakfast*, earl grey*, darjeeling, assam and pure green tea. A range of citrus, rooibos, pure camomile, pure peppermint and red berries infusion teas are also available.

Because we know how important first impressions are, we offer different presentation options. A gold Ridgways stand offers the perfect way to display four popular tea blends when branding is essential, but space is limited. Or you may consider a luxury eight-compartment hardwood tea chest, lined with black felt, enabling you to store and display a selection of Ridgways envelopes.

*Also available in packs of 100


As you can see, we care as much about tea as we do our coffee. For a free quotation or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us on T: 0845 37 111 35 or email sales@vantagespaces.co.uk.