Water, juice & soft drinks... Chilled Refreshments To Quench And Hydrate

Refreshing Cold Drinks

Three bottles of Harrogate Spring water

Whilst there’s no denying that the UK’s coffee culture is ever-growing, hot drinks are not to everyone’s taste, especially in the warmer months of the year. So as well as serving premium quality coffee from one of our bean to cup coffee machines why not keep customers and employees hydrated and refreshed with products from our cold drinks range?

Bottled Water

Approximately 62% of the human body is made up of water, so failing to maintain these natural levels can result in feelings of fatigue, disorientation and confusion, not to mention general ill-health.

So to enable you to boost employees’ well being and quench customers’ thirst, Vantage therefore offers a variety of water products including:

  • Still and sparkling bottled water from UK-renowned Yorkshire water suppliers Harrogate Spring
  • Corporate branded glass bottled water, perfect for customer-facing offices in professional services sectors such as law and finance.

Juice machine

Fruit juice

Some people look for cold refreshments a little more exciting than H2O, which is why we also juice suppliers of the nation’s favourite fruit juice – Robinsons – to liven up your water.

Available in three no added sugar flavours – Apple & Blackcurrant, Orange and Summer Fruits – there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. All are supplied in 1 litre plastic bottles, with next day delivery available. Plus, we even offer stylish clip-top glass decanters to display and serve your squash. Talk to us about what’s possible.


Soft drinks

If variety is what you’re looking for, our cold refreshments range doesn’t end there. We can act as your soft drink supplier, with an extensive selection of leading, household-branded soft drinks including:

  • Cans of Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta
  • Robinsons Fruit Shoots

We can even supply modern refrigerated units to keep your refreshments chilled.

Whether you decide to vend the drinks or offer them on a complimentary basis, your employees, customers and visitors will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, to quench their thirst.

PLUS: If you work in the hotel, leisure or hospitality sectors, why not consider one of our fresh ‘from concentrate’ juice machines, which allow customers to pour their own glass of orange, apple or tropical juice. Mindful of your budgets, we supply these juices in cost-effective, concentrated 10kg cartons, and the machines are available to rent or purchase.

The Vantage promise

Our cold drinks technologies – water coolers, dispensers, refrigerated units and concentrated juice machines – are all supplied with the same Vantage promise:

  • Flexible finance agreements available
  • Your equipment will be delivered and installed within five working days
  • The same experienced Vantage team will be responsible for the preparation, installation, servicing and maintenance of your machine.

And order your bottled water or soft drinks before 2pm for NEXT DAY DELIVERY.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Vantage team about your cold refreshments requirements please call us on 0845 37 111 35 or email sales@vantagespaces.co.uk. We will be happy to discuss your needs or arrange a free, no-obligation consultation in your workplace.