Alpha FX Case Study


Vantage Spaces was approached to work with Modus’ pre-con and design team to bring to life the biophilic designs they had created for the Brunel Building of end user Alpha FX Group.  Alpha FX loved the visuals created by Modus and we needed to match their interior plant design perfectly.


The central bar area features a metal cage overhead which is used for display and glass storage.  Here the design had been created with a ‘floating’ replica plant arrangement.  We created the required floating effect by cladding the central rod of the frame with polystyrene which was then dressed with Boston Ferns, English Ivy and grasses with 360 degree coverage to create a suspended appearance for the display.

This same area also includes a large-scale teapoint that specified a green wall interior design; we installed our standard English Garden replica green wall and added extra foliages with red and yellow tones to create a bespoke biophilic backdrop!


Finally, hanging replica plants had been specified for the auditorium. Again, a bespoke office plant design, tailor-made bowls – with adjustable wires – were planted with 1800mm cascading variegated Ivy, then resin bonded into the bowl to ensure a secure fitting for the plant designs to last for years to come.