Stylish Plants For Offices

Deliver the wow factor and enhance the productivity of your space with our stylish and professional range of office plants and trees.

Stylish plants to enrich your office environment

For the most exciting range of interior planting and landscaping services on the market, choose Vantage. We breathe life and vitality into the office, leisure, retail, health and education sectors by creating stylish spaces that everyone loves. Vantage… beautiful office plants… Leeds, Manchester, throughout Yorkshire and nationwide.

Nature at its best

Our real and replica office plants and trees will enhance any interior. With us, you can:

  • Enhance your commercial environment with natural landscaping.
  • Improve air quality and acoustics.
  • Attract staff.
  • Boost the health of your workforce.
  • Stimulate creativity and productivity.
  • Reduce absenteeism and stress.

Do you have the Wow Factor?

Need to inject the feel good factor into your workplace? Optimising your space can be as simple as introducing new interior greenery. Our range of office plants and pots is vast and whatever your space, we can create a scheme that is as unique as you are.

Get a free consultation today. Call our Leeds office and speak to our plants specialists. When putting together any scheme we make sure that other factors are considered – the small things that make a huge difference:

  • Areas of light and shade.
  • How your space is used.
  • Temperature and fluctuations in temperature.
  • Your budget, of course.

We use a wide range of pots and plants to give your workplace the wow factor. We consider key variables when putting together any scheme, such as light and shade, how the area is used, temperature fluctuations and, of course, your budget.

Our service doesn’t stop at the door

More than 4,000 living and replica office plants are cared for every month by our experienced maintenance team based in Leeds. All products are delivered in peak condition, and we will keep them that way.

We offer a competitive aftercare plan, including support and training, to ensure your space is pristine, every day.

Looking for more?

We do more than simply supply office plants. As part of our commitment to creating beautiful, welcoming workplaces we provide a complete range of refreshment services and front of house training, ensuring your business makes a long-lasting impression on staff and visitors alike.

For a free consultation or product demonstration, contact the Vantage team today on 0845 37 111 35 or… or visit the Vantage showroom in Leeds, UK.