Could a more authentic cup of coffee be the missing ingredient that helps turn your guests into loyal clientele? We have bean to cup coffee machines for your restaurant, bar, lounge, conference and banqueting areas.


Is poor quality coffee leaving your guests with a bad taste in their mouths? With over 70 million cups of coffee enjoyed in the UK every day, consumers’ palettes are becoming ever-more refined and their expectations increasingly demanding.

Caffe Picco logoTransforming the quality of the coffee you serve could therefore improve your guests’ satisfaction levels, turn them into loyal clientele, and further enhance the reputation of your hotel.

At Vantage, we have an extensive range of bean to cup coffee machines to suit varying client requirements and budgets. We also have a mouth-watering selection of Italian Caffè PICCO coffee blends, plus luxury teas and other finishing touches. All we need to do is understand your business model and your customers’ expectations, and we’ll work with you to devise the perfect hot drinks solution.

Hot-drinks-spotlightFor hotels whose priority is cost reduction, did you know you can serve authentic, freshly ground bean to cup coffee for almost the same price as instant? We can show you that high quality refreshments need not break the bank.

Or perhaps you’re a five star hotel that pays meticulous attention to every detail, from crisp bed linen, to the finest facilities and unparalleled customer service levels.  Your coffee needs to be in-keeping with your impressive surroundings, and have the same level of finesse and memorability, if your guests are to return.

Let our coffee experts guide you through the process from initial consultation, to coffee machine selection, installation and maintenance, whilst you enjoy the business benefits that come from satisfied customers who’ve had their senses stimulated.

Hotel Interior Planting SchemeWe also provide live and replica interior planting, to bring a touch of nature to your hotel lobby, lounge, restaurant and courtyards.

Would your receptionists benefit from some focused front of house training? We’ve got that covered too!

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