On-board Hospitality

Your commitment to customer satisfaction, comfort and punctuality may be faultless on your rail, air, ferry or cruise liner services, but does the quality of your coffee meet the same standards? Talk to Vantage to discover how to give passengers that real first class feeling…

On-board Hospitality

From perfecting the ambience in departure lounges, to delivering first class treatment during passengers’ journeys, we understand how much the details matter. Of course service with a smile is important, as are punctual arrival times, comfortable seating and the provision of additional facilities such as high-speed wi-fi.

But to deliver a truly memorable travelling experience – which will turn occasional customers into loyal clientele – rail, air, ferry and cruise liner operators can’t afford to overlook anything. So how can the experienced Vantage team help?

We’ll stimulate passengers’ senses with great tasting coffee

Over 70 million cups of coffee are served in the UK every day, and with every extra drink savoured, consumers’ expectations are rising. They are becoming ever-more knowledgeable about the origin, roast and quality of bean to cup coffee, and are looking for the ‘coffee shop experience’ with every drink they enjoy.  Lacklustre hot refreshments could therefore be leaving your passengers with a bad taste in their mouths, which is something no travel operator can afford.

But thankfully, at Vantage, we know our beans. We also understand that on-board space is often restricted, so a water boiler to brew instant coffee may seem like the only option. But our state-of-the-art bean to cup coffee machines come in a variety of sizes, to suit your specific requirements. We also supply filter coffee brewers which offer an alternative, compact way to create great-tasting coffee with no fuss. That’s why so many organisations within the on-board sector ask us to devise solutions tailored to their needs. Plus we can help you serve authentic, freshly ground coffee for almost the same price as instant, which benefits your profit margins too!

We understand the environment you operate in

  • Maintaining stock levels within the fast-paced world of on-board hospitality can be tough. However you needn’t worry:
  • We’re familiar with working in controlled zones, so have the security passes to gain airside access, for instance, if required.
  • Our logistics network is strong too, which means the potential complexities of the on board environment pose no difficulties to us whatsoever.
  • Our state-of-the-art 11,000sqft headquarters comprises a fully-stocked showroom, demonstration zone, three production areas, conference suite and extensive warehouse. All of this, coupled with excellent transport links, means you need never worry about the prompt delivery of stock, ever again.
  • You shout, we deliver, with NEXT DAY services available.

Contact us on 0845 37 111 35 for a no-obligation chat, email sales@vantagespaces.co.uk or complete our short enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch.

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We know that customer service levels will also affect passengers’ perception of your brand, which is why we offer front of house training too! View our next available seminar dates…

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