Bring your space alive with a living wall  

Living walls are a stunning focal piece in any workspace, with huge environmental and biophilic benefits. Although living walls have been around since ancient times in some form or another, the first modern green wall was developed by French botanist Patrick Blanc in the mid-20th century, using a hydroponic system to grow plants vertically. Since then, living walls have been embraced on a small and large scale, internally and externally, and are widely prized for their aesthetic appearance and ability to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere.  

It’s easy to assume that living walls are only available to those with a big budget or a particular type of environment, but they are surprisingly accessible and many of our clients are delighted to discover that a living wall is easily attainable within their setting.  

As a large statement piece

It’s undeniable that a multi-storey living wall really does provide wow factor. One of our most memorable projects is at HSBC HQ in Birmingham, where stunning green walls span the height of the 11-storey building. Starting in the ground floor atrium, visitors are greeted by a large wall display of lush green plants, surrounded by contemporary materials such as glass and metal walls. As visitors take the glass elevator up through the building, the lift doors open on every floor to reveal a vertically aligned green wall installation to continue the theme, accentuating the height of the grand building. Each green wall stands at around four metres tall, and the entire installation contains over 5,500 plants – it never fails to attract admiring glances from visitors.

In a more compact setting

Smaller green walls can be used to great effect, offering employees a tangible connection to nature. Our EnviroWall system is modular, so it can be made to any size. At the start of any project, we take the time to really understand your space, assessing the available light, humidity and other factors. After careful consultation, we create you a bespoke design, recommending only what will work in the long term. The service includes site visits and design consultancy with our experts, and our add-on aftercare service package means that your wall will remain in tip-top condition.


Like all plants, living plant walls have some basic light and water requirements, but they are surprisingly easy to look after: 

– A living wall requires a minimum of 1000 lux to remain healthy (which can be achieved by installing specialist LED lighting if needed).

– A built-in irrigation system makes watering easy and mess-free – the pipes are all hidden by a neat frame.

– We offer a range of irrigation systems, from hand-watering to uber modern computer-controlled ones.

– Clever use of capillary wicking felt means that the plants are allowed to absorb only the water that they need.

– Drainage and mains water connection is required for walls over 10m2, whilst walls below 10m2 have the option to be hand watered.

– The wall will need to be checked for structural strength (allow for 40kg per m2 living wall).

– Living walls can be interior or exterior – they can help embellish a roof terrace to make a striking outdoor entertaining area.

– We offer a complete support package from initial design, through to on-site installation and ongoing maintenance.

– Our modular systems are made in the UK from 100%recycled post-consumer plastic. 

Living plant walls have huge benefits for businesses

The WELL standard provides minimum guidelines for living walls per floor. This aspirational building standard considers biophilia to bean integral part of enhancing an office environment.

– Being close to nature within a workspace has been proven to improve employee wellbeing, productivity and creativity.

– They can create a powerful visual impact in a reception area and make a great first impression for visitors, as well as staff coming to work each day.

– Living walls can enhance a brand with green credentials and demonstrate a commitment to employee wellbeing.

– On a practical level, living walls are a great way of introducing the positive power of planting to an area, without compromising on available floor space.

Living pictures and dividers

If you or your client are unsure about a having full-scale living wall, our living pictures and dividers can be a very effective solution, and a good introduction to having the advantages of biophilia in the workplace environment. They can also be used to complement a living wall, carrying the theme through the office to ensure that everyone can benefit from being close to nature. No electricity, drainage or mains connection is required, as the picture/divider has an integrated watering system which supplies the plants with water for 3-4 weeks.

If you’re looking to explore our EnviroWall options within a space, contact one of our experts for an informal chat. Or, if you would like to see our living walls in action, you can visit our showroom at Clerkenwell, 49 Cowcross St, London, EC1M 6AL.