Naturally caring

We put our responsibilities to people and the planet at the core of our business. #NaturallyCaring

Caring for the environment

Plants are at the heart of our business, and we are very mindful of the need to look after them and the wider natural environment.

Peat-free growing

Peat bogs store more CO2 than equivalent areas of rainforest, so they're vitally important resources in the fight against climate change. All of our planting is entirely peat-free. Save time, money, and protect our planet's natural resources with EnviroLeaf.

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Sustainable energy

Half of our vehicle fleet already runs on all-electric or hybrid power. We actively look for ways to minimise the energy and resources we use.

Waste reduction

We have reduced our use of plastics and re-use or recycle all our planters, cardboard, plastic, compost and Leca planting aggregates.

for people

Looking after people is just as important to us. We want our business not just to avoid doing harm, but to positively enhance lives.

Our clients

Creating workspaces where people are happy and can deliver their best is what our business is all about. Our designs help uplift spirits and improve wellbeing for thousands of people, every day.

Our team

We want happy and motivated employees, so we pay the Real Living Wage at the higher London rate as a minimum – wherever they work for us.

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Our community

Giving back to the community at large matters to us too. We donate plants to local special needs schools, and support charities like RRT, Guide Dogs and the RNLI.