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Planted furniture

Our ready-made planting furniture offers a simple way to create stimulating and satisfying places to be. Its modular format allows for infinite possibilities within almost any design scheme.

The benefits
of planted furniture

Improved wellbeing

Putting plants alongside people is scientifically proven to increase wellbeing by up to 15%, making green workplaces excellent staff recruiters.

Enhanced creativity

Research also shows that planted environments lead to as much as 15% higher scores for creativity amongst employees.

Enhanced design

The modern looks of our modular furniture units enhance any design scheme and are ultra-flexible in how they can be incorporated.

WELL certification

Planting workspaces makes a real contribution towards buildings receiving the coveted WELL certification, highlighting them as attractive places to work.

Air purification

Where living plants are used in our furniture systems, they play a valuable role in removing CO2 and harmful particulates from the air.

Improved acoustics

When combined in large configurations, our planted furniture helps to improve the acoustics in workspaces, softening harsh reverberations.

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