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Replica plant walls

We love living plants, but they don’t love some locations and not everybody wants the required aftercare that goes with them. Replica plant walls bring impact anywhere, with next to no maintenance.

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The benefits of replica plant walls

For workers

Replica plant walls offer the same aesthetic and psychological benefits as ones made with living plants, creating workspaces where people want to be.

For businesses

Replica plant walls provide a great option for businesses wanting to create workspaces that help them compete in attracting and retaining staff.


Replica plant walls can be created anywhere and need no more than an occasional dusting to stay looking as good as new for years to come.

Planting the ideas to transform your workplace

Entrance areas

A replica plant wall will deliver that wow factor as people enter a building – and go on doing so for years with the minimum of upkeep.

Desk & workspace

Replica plant walls deliver a hit of colour and texture to enliven working areas without reducing valuable floor space.


Replica plant walls work superbly in corridors and lobbies, where there is often insufficient natural light to use living plants.

Kitchen & breakout

Replica plant walls are highly effective ways to differentiate areas set aside for eating and relaxation, and are immune to changes in temperature and humidity.

Meeting rooms

Whatever the available lighting, replica plant walls can deliver an inspirational boost to meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Outdoor spaces

Replica plants add year-round lush greenery to external green walls and are effective either on their own or in conjunction with living plants.

From drawing board to finished scheme

We offer a complete package, from initial design support, through on-site installation to ongoing maintenance to ensure it looks as great in five years as it did on the first day.


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Which EnviroWall is right for you?

Walls covered in lush greenery are the ultimate design statement, providing visual impact as well as the uplifting feeling of being near to nature. Planted walls can also soften acoustics, improve energy efficiency and absorb excess CO2 and other potentially harmful particulates. But where to start? What conditions are needed? And what will suit your space in the long term? Don’t worry – we have all the answers! Read on to find out which living wall is right for you.


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