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Planted terraces

In a world where every inch of real estate space counts, it is surprising that the office terrace is often neglected and under-used. We transform terraces into beautiful spaces where staff can enjoy fresh air, sunlight and the power of planting. You’ll be amazed at what we can do!

The benefits of planted terraces

A destination space

Offering a choice of enhanced spaces to work and relax in is key to attracting staff back into the office in a hybrid workspace. A planted terrace is a desirable and welcoming space, and investing in one demonstrates a commitment to staff wellbeing. Employers who prioritise employee wellbeing tend to attract and retain the best talent.

Entertaining space

A planted terrace can be a pleasant space to create memorable moments, for staff and clients. Enhanced with planting and seating, a terrace can provide a valuable extension to inside space, adding an extra bit of wow to social events.

Staff wellbeing

Fresh air, mood-boosting sunlight and the natural power of biophilia is a winning combination for anyone looking to step away from their desk and take a moment to recharge. Being close to nature enhances creativity and productivity, as well as instilling a sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

Ideas to transform your terrace

Herbs to waken the senses

Mediterranean herbs are the hero of the planted terrace –tough, drought-tolerant, and easy to maintain, they look incredible repeated in Mediterranean-style pots. Their aroma in the sunshine is sure to enliven the senses, and the flowering varieties add pretty colour too.

A pop of colour

A terrace is an ideal place to experiment with colour, especially if the interior is a more restrained scheme. Whether it’s acid green and yellows or reds and purples, a pop of leafy colour around a seating area is sure to provide a welcome respite from screen time.

Inside out

For a seamless look, planting and decor outside can simply echo what is on the inside. Space can effectively be doubled by continuing an interior scheme onto the terrace. This works particularly well with entertaining spaces.

Surround seating with planting

A mix of seating types will facilitate different types of interaction on a terrace. Zones can be created by surrounding seating areas with planting. Freestanding pots work well with bistro tables and chairs, while planting boxes can be used to provide subtle screening around low seating areas.

Fitting the space

Terrace planting needn’t take up loads of room — it can be used to frame the space and enhance terrace views without impacting wayfinding access. In addition to fixed planters we also provide a range of wheeled planters for flexible zoning, and with our rental agreement, you can update your planting whenever you feel like a refresh.

True-to-life replicas

If you’d prefer a completely maintenance-free zone, our range of realistic replicas transform terraces by softening the space. They’re also resistant to fire and UV, creating an outdoor escape that’s perfect for corporate meetings in the day, or Friday night G&Ts. From balcony bars to barbecues, replicas really add that finishing touch.

Book a site survey

Every site is different, and we want to help you fulfil the potential of your terrace. Our expert landscaping team will conduct a site survey to listen to your needs for the space and assess the wind and sun exposure of your site. They can provide a planting scheme for your approval. Contact us today to transform your terrace!


Plant care and maintenance

Renting your office plants also means that you’ll be leaving the care of them to professional experts, who know how to look after them. Caring for live office plants isn’t always as easy as you may think, especially in a dark and concrete office with limited natural light.

That’s why our plant specialists offer ongoing care, and will water and maintain the biophilia in your work space to keep them pruned and in top condition. Our specialists know the ins and outs of taking care of living biophilia, and have the knowledge to identify any plant problems or issues that might arise.


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Using plants to improve office air quality

Air quality is now something many employers are very conscious of in office environments. Progressive and aspirational building standards, such as Fitwel, WELL and SKA all recognise that air quality has a direct effect on health and wellbeing. Plants have been proven by NASA to have air purifying qualities and biophilic design is being widely incorporated in office schemes.

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