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Living plants

We use living plants in innovative ways to create areas that foster different styles of working, from private retreats to larger spaces where teams collaborate and engage.

The benefits of living plants

For workers

When living plants are expertly integrated into workspace designs, they help to foster creative and happy teams. They create attractive spaces where people want to be.

For business

In a world where flexible working models become the norm, attractive workspaces help to recruit and retain staff, and to reduce absenteeism caused by stress.

Air purification

Living plants release oxygen, absorb excess carbon dioxide and help to filter out harmful airborne toxins, improving air quality as a whole.

Planting the ideas to transform your workplace

Entrance areas

Adding plants to entrances makes staff and visitors feel warmly welcomed on arrival. Spectacular displays of plants can lift reception areas and give that vital positive first impression of a business.

Desk & workspace

Whether working with an existing space or being involved at the design stage, we use greenery to enhance working areas. Hard edges are softened, bland surfaces lifted with colour – the effect is transformative.


Sometimes undervalued when considering workplace design, corridors can make or break a building’s ambience. Plants can lift otherwise bland corridors, and even be used to create natural walkways.

kitchen & breakout
Kitchen & breakout

Temperature and humidity in kitchens can vary hugely, so choosing the right plants here needs experience. Get it right and they create a calming environment for staff, and help to keep the air fresh.

meeting room
Meeting rooms

Meetings should be triumphs of collaboration, not ordeals to be endured. Research shows that adding greenery to meeting rooms can boost productivity and creativity by 38% and 45% respectively.

outdoor space
Outdoor spaces

Rooftop terraces or large balconies can be tremendous assets. The right plants can transform them into open-air meeting and relaxation areas, or spectacular venues for hosting company events.

From drawing board to finished scheme

We offer a complete package, from initial design support, through on-site installation to ongoing maintenance to ensure it looks as great in five years as it did on the first day.


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Check out other options for creating inspirational workplaces using the power of plants.


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Using plants to improve office air quality

Air quality is now something many employers are very conscious of in office environments. Progressive and aspirational building standards, such as Fitwel, WELL and SKA all recognise that air quality has a direct effect on health and wellbeing. Plants have been proven by NASA to have air purifying qualities and biophilic design is being widely incorporated in office schemes.

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