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If you're searching for inspiration and guidance around adding greenery to your space, you've come to the right place. Here at Vantage, we take a considered approach, and look to use the power of planting to attract, engage and inspire.

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The Vantage Process

Create an indoor landscape that inspires

Every interior planting scheme should be tailored to support the activities that will take place within the space. Explore the possibilities in a free consultation with our biophilic design team. We work with interior designers, architects, end users and fit-out contractors to create the perfect scheme for every space.

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Planting a future workspace

Our approach is different. We support the creation of beautiful indoor planting, but we like to go further if we can. Planting workspaces of the future requires a new way of thinking.

Design inspiration consultation

Our design inspiration consultations are a no-obligation gift from our design team to kick off the successful creation of a magnetic indoor landscape. If you already have firm designs, we’ll clarify the best way to make those designs a reality. But if you’re looking for advice and inspiration on what you could do to create a space that attracts, engages and retains, we’ll provide a ton of ideas.

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Whether you’re looking for living, replica or preserved planting for your workspace, our experts are on hand to help.
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