Step 1

Initial consultation

At an initial meeting – in person or virtual – we listen to your aims for your workspace and discuss how planting can help achieve them. We take the time to really understand your space, assessing the available light, humidity and other factors, to determine which options for planting exist within the context of your overall design.
A dedicated customer service executive is allocated to manage your project from the outset and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Step 2


We use the information gathered during the consultation to identify how planting can help make your workspace somewhere that people love to work. We consider which type of planting – living plants, preserved foliage, replicas or a combination of these – will deliver the desired impact, and in what configuration. There are limitless combinations possible, so we use the knowledge and experience gained from designing planting schemes since 1977 to come up with a bespoke design that will deliver the best results for you – now and for years to come.

Step 3

Showroom visits / sampling

To help you visualise different elements that can be used in your design, we supply samples to illustrate the materials and plants that could be used. There is also the opportunity for you to visit our showrooms in Leeds, London or Manchester to see how different ideas can be used. Throughout, we work closely with your own design team, refining our initial design ideas in line with any feedback.

Step 4

Proposal and quotation

The result of our design process is a full proposal in which you can see the options we recommend, and the budget required. It will include detailed drawings setting out how the proposed planting fits into your space, together with imagery to help you visualise the results. We’ll give examples of the types of plants we propose using and the containers or structures that will hold them. Alongside our planting design proposal will be a quotation showing our fees for delivering the project.

Step 5

Scheduling of works

Once you have accepted our proposal, we will schedule the work required to bring your planting scheme to life. We will also ask for a payment at this point, either half the project fee or the full amount if, for example, the project involves building some structures that are completely unique to your workplace. Depending on what elements are included in your scheme, there are different options for how you can set up your contract – buy or rent, with aftercare or without.

Step 6


On the scheduled day(s) our installation team of PASMA and IPAF qualified technicians will turn your planting design into beautiful reality! Our team works quickly and efficiently, and will check you are completely happy with the results before they leave.

Step 7


If you have opted – as most of our clients do – to let us look after your plants once they are installed, our experienced team will visit regularly to keep them in tip-top shape. This will usually be once or twice per month, depending on the number and type of plants you have and the amount of care they require. For instance, many plants are installed using our EnviroLeaf system, which uses an inorganic medium without soil or peat to support them. As well as being an environmentally friendly way of growing plants, this system requires less frequent maintenance.