The benefits of using greenery
as an office space divider:

+ Boosts creativity and increases productivity
+ Reduces noise pollution
+ Provides privacy, without the feeling of it being a barrier
+ A good way of incorporating greenery without taking up extra space
+ Planting can be used to break up the visual impression of a ‘sea of desks'
+ Planting can be mobile, so a space can be reconfigured whenever required

Use EnviroZone planters and EnviroGrid ceilings to create configurable green retreats

ParaVert and Hevea

ParaVert and Hevea are modular plant holder systems that can be configured in a multitude of ways – straight, curved or wavy, high or low – to form a beautiful and varied biophilic screen or even just a stunning focal point.

The modular system makes zoning easy and allows views in and out, creating less of a barrier. We think this system works particularly well as a partition in and around workstations, as it improves the immediate look and feel of the environment, adding privacy, whilst avoiding the need for solid barriers which can inhibit teamwork. ParaVert is also useful for creating green zones in a kitchen or breakout area, where the softer boundary creates a cosier space for a one-to-one chat.


EnviroZone planters come in single and double height options and are eminently moveable, giving you ultimate flexibility over your zoning requirements. With their bursts of concentrated natural greenery, one or more EnviroZone planters can lift and soften a reception area and, because they are fully mobile, they can be used like furniture and rearranged to instantly create a temporary zoned space.

In larger entertaining spaces, they can be used to break up a space on a day-to-day basis and moved to one side when required. An EnviroZone planter can also be filled with replica plants, particularly useful if you have a space that lacks natural light and needs brightening up.

Palisade greenery

Palisade shelving can be a clever way of incorporating greenery without taking up too much floor space. Moss panels and living or replica planter boxes can be arranged in a chequered or random pattern, giving a nice mix of opacity with brief glimpses through to the space the other side. Palisade shelving can be made to a bespoke design, incorporating brand colours and other display items – the result is a stylish, yet ‘lived in’ look, which is ideal for the modern workspace where staff come in to connect with colleagues, as well as get their heads down at their desks.

One of 246 bespoke panels Vantage Spaces created for's Manchester office

Joinery planting

The beauty of joinery planting is that it can be tailored to the exact requirements of your brand, in your space. It softens a space in a very streamlined way and looks particularly striking when one plant is used repeatedly for dramatic effect. We loved this panelled joinery in natural tones that we completed for a client recently. Planted up with variegated aglaoneama silver bay, it’s a lovely blend of modern and traditional. Here, the joinery planting was used to direct traffic through the office, providing subtle wayfinding and protecting desk areas from walking routes.

Floor standing troughs and planters

Floor standing troughs and planters can also make very effective and economical screening options. This option works well in seating areas within reception spaces, softening what can often be a large bare space.

Office planting is the new office screen

To sum up, why use a wall or a plain upholstered office screen when you can have a beautiful plant display which actually enhances your environment? If you have space that needs some zoning, or you think your zoning could be improved upon, why not contact one of our experts for an informal chat? You’ll be surprised at the transformational power of plants!