Sustainable and adaptable

Our newest kid on the block is a design made in the UK, which makes it a much more sustainable option. We’re always looking to make our business practices as sustainable as possible, and we also support clients who are working to green building standards, so this was important to us.

The fact that the new design is UK-made also enables us to work to faster lead times for our customers – in as little as three weeks for certain styles. Further good news is that this also makes it much easier to deliver bespoke styles, so if something needs to fit into an awkward space or be in keeping with a certain design aesthetic, we can do it!

More than just furniture

Our mobile EnviroZone planters allow workspace designers to create flexible zones within an open plan area. The planters are attractive pieces of furniture made with natural wood slats and a stylish metal frame, but the real stars of the show are the lush green plants that spill out over the top.

Whether it’s one plant repeated for a pared-back effect, or a mixed design for a truly eye-popping display, our planters really deliver on the style front. And in those dimly lit corners where tropical specimens might not thrive, we can use replica or preserved planting to make sure that everyone has a slice of mood-enhancing greenery in their life!  

Flexibility built in

The new EnviroZone planters have neat lockable castors contained within the footprint of the planter, which prevents any protruding trip hazard. When in position, the planters look like an integral part of the office design, for example screening one area from another. But when a larger area is required, for example for team-building activities, the planters can simply be moved into another position where they look just as stylish. This is preferable to having to physically remove and store away traditional screening. The planters come in single and double level units and our standard colours are light oak and dark oak, but we often provide bespoke designs to fit in with existing joinery, so do please contact us if you are looking for something specific – we love a challenge!  

Interested to know more?

If you’d like to find out more about the all-new EnviroZone style, contact our team at