What are the best office plants?

Reception areas need to be clean and organised, but all too often this results in a very bare, sterile place, or simply an area of heavy footfall that’s become tired and tattered. A reception area also needs to be pleasant and welcoming – somewhere that you can soak up the ‘feel’ of a brand, and perhaps have a quiet moment of relaxation before the next meeting begins.

It’s worthwhile asking yourself every now and again – Is our reception space somewhere people want to be? Does it reflect our brand personality? Is it some where we’re proud to welcome people?

Biophilic design is an excellent way of revitalising your reception area. Planting is incredibly versatile and matches any design or colour scheme - it can often be the cherry on the cake in a newly refurbished area, really giving it that finishing touch.

Read on for biophilic design ideas that can make your reception space work harder for you.

Create restful zones
Use natural plant dividers to break down larger spaces or create arestful waiting area for visitors. Plant troughs and ParaVert are perfectsolutions for soft screening, providing subtle separation without imposingbarriers. If you have a particularly large area as a reception space,delineating a ‘lounge space’ with biophilia, soft furnishings and furniture canbe highly effective.

Make a big splash
Moss signage is a dramatic way to display your logo – either using moss as the backdrop, or forming the logo itself. A large reception desk covered in the bright undulating greens of preserved moss can be striking, or consider installing a low-maintenance moss wall as a memorable feature wall behind your reception desk.

Bring nature inside
Trees are the perfect way to bring a bit of the outside in for a more subtle welcome. Use a pair to frame an entrance, or go for a single large tree to create a focal point. It’s a gentle nod to nature that’s bound to catch the eye.

Go all out with a bespoke design

To get the full effect of the power of planting, why not go for a bespoke design? Use your reception area to confidently display your brand personality. We’ve created some beautiful bespoke packages for an array of clients – you’d be amazed at what can be created with intelligent biophilic design.

At Vantage Spaces, we believe that the simplest things can make a real difference. Whether your reception area needs a refresh or is still not quite hitting the mark, biophilic design can make your space work much harder for you. Connecting with nature through flowers, plants and green walls can make your space a truly amazing place to collaborate, learn and grow.

We’re not just a supplier of plants. We work with our clients to meticulously plan, source, install and maintain the perfect plants for every space. We ensure the benefits of biophilia enhance every project that we work on – planting the places where great teams thrive.

If you want to discuss your project requirements or simply enquire about our selection of plants, get in touch with our planting specialists today.