There are hundreds of types of plants that will fit beautifully into an office space. But despite guaranteeing a comfortable and relaxing workspace, many plants need bright and airy offices and require a moderate amount of attention to keep them healthy.

Thankfully, there are plants out there which thrive even in artificial or low-level light and require little to no maintenance. For these hassle-free scenarios, we have assembled a list of low-maintenance plants that can transform your office space...

1. Cactus

If you're lucky enough to have a light workspace, introducing cacti is a great idea. This iconic plant stores water in its roots for a long period of time, meaning they only need watering every 3 weeks. Perfect for those offices that forget to water their plants!

2. Succulent

Much like a cactus, succulents need a lot of light in order to survive, but can go a full week without being watered, making them not only a stunning addition to your office, but easyu to maintain as well.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another minimum fuss hero, that despite needing plenty of sunlight, only need to be watered once every 3 weeks. Aloe vera is also known for its healing and cooling properties as well as its ability to purify your indoor air and add some pops of colour to your office!

4. Spider plant

These plants are best placed in partial light or shaded areas, so if your light is limited, the spider plant will be a perfect fit for your workspace. Water is only needed once every 1-2 days, ideal for vacant offices over the weekend.

5. Snake plant

Snake plants require little attention, very little sunlight and can even survive in heavily shaded areas of the office! They can go multiple days without being watered and are therefore very easy to maintain. Snake plants are renowned for being very sturdy, and growing naturally at room temperature, perfect for the office environment.

6. Bamboo plant

Bamboo is an ideal choice for offices with fewer windows, as they require very little sunlight each day. They can survive perfectly well even in heavily shaded corners of the office, and only need water once weekly, providing you with a vibrant green addition to your workspace.

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