Why are vertical gardens so popular?

Vertical gardens go above and beyond the average office plant. They are a stunning accent feature that will capture the attention of anyone walking past. However, a living wall is not just a design centrepiece. It can also reduce ambient noise by up to 41% and improve the air quality in your workspace. Incorporate a green wall into your office this summer, and watch your employees’ wellbeing, concentration and creativity skyrocket.

Vertical garden ideas for your workspace:

Preserved moss

Preserved moss is the ultimate low-maintenance green wall material.  We love using it to enhance company logos and pictures in an office. Preserved moss does not grow, making it the perfect versatile material for more intricate designs that simply would not work with regular living plants. We can create an entire moss logo on your feature wall – or just a little bit of dimension with a few framing pieces.

Living wall plants
Living plants are the go-to option for vertical gardens. They incorporate a huge range of greenery into one wall space – from succulents and flowers to evergreens and climbers. Our specialist design team will even install a wall system filled with hidden pipes and drainage holes to take care of hydration. Whether you want a full wall covered in all kinds of plants or just a few accent trimmings – a living green wall is a versatile option for your office.

Replica green walls
Some workspace environments want the benefits of biophilia without all the maintenance. That’s where replica green walls come in. You can enjoy all the wellness perks of green walls, such as improved productivity and creativity, without the risk of triggering someone’s hayfever. Equally, an artificial vertical garden is better suited to workspaces with little natural light.

Green ceilings
Take the vertical garden trend to new heights and make it horizontal instead. Green ceilings are becoming increasingly popular. We designed a replica green ceiling that flowed right through into the office reception area. We replaced the moss backing with grass matting for longevity, along with grasses and ivies for a hanging ceiling effect. The matting was seamlessly cut around a pendant lighting system and ceiling hatches.

Neon signage is huge in the interiors sphere, especially when combined with a vertical garden. Design a neon sign with your company catchphrase to sit in the lushest vertical space of trailing plants and evergreens. Nothing says cool modern like neon lights and vertical plants. Or, if neon doesn’t quite fit your style, we can make a mounted company sign to sit amongst your green wall instead. The natural backdrop adds an extra dimension to any signage.

We like to experiment with climbing plants in vertical gardening, hanging baskets and planter boxes. The long winding stems escape the preciseness of our other green wall designs – and that’s okay! Some workspaces look fantastic with a more natural-looking wall garden with trailing plants floating down. This type of vertical garden space complements minimalist spaces with paired back pieces.

Outdoor space

You can have a vertical garden both indoors and outdoors. In fact, a green wall is a perfect way to refresh your office outdoor space – whether it’s a balcony or rooftop terrace. If you have a small balcony outside your office, a vertical garden adds colour without taking up all the floor space. On the other hand, a larger rooftop can be a little more complicated to style. You could add a few wall planters and hanging baskets along the concrete walls. The hanging planters add different heights to the wall, while a vertical planter can house all different types of plants. Sometimes the best vertical gardens only cover patches of the wall instead of the entire space.

Why Vantage Spaces?

We believe that the simplest things can make a real difference. We truly appreciate the benefits of plants in offices. As biophilic interior designers, we offer a complete bespoke biophilic design service. Our in-house team of designers will work with you and your designers to create a relaxing and welcoming environment.

With our specialist advice, you can be confident that you will get the right biophilia to suit your space. Our biophilic interior designers will ensure you get the benefits of plants in the office. Plus, our design will match the aesthetics and requirements of your project.

When you’re ready to go, we have an ample supply of gorgeous greenery. We can design, build and install your custom designs with a fast turnaround time. Finally, we can take the stress out of ongoing care with our in-house maintenance team.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of office biophilic design or simply discuss your next project’s requirements, be free to get in touch today.