All these benefits are best accomplished through a rented biophilic scheme.

The benefits can be summarised in these four key areas:
– Flexibility of planting arrangement
– Capacity to evolve your scheme as required
– Predictability of costs
– Full maintenance guaranteed

Flexibility is now a must in any workspace

The workplace has changed immeasurably in recent years, and workspace experts predict that this will continue for some time as new patterns of working emerge. This means that flexibility is key – progressive employers want to adapt and update their space to suit their evolving needs. Many of our designs have been developed with this need in mind, they can be used in a modular fashion to help create whatever space is desired. And our rental service also suits this approach perfectly. Plants can be swapped around or changed within the contract to ensure that you are getting the most out of your space, and refreshing or upgrading your scheme at the end of the contract is a lot easier when you rent rather than own the plants.

A predictable fixed cost for healthy cashflow

Rental packages are very attractive to your finance team, because there is no upfront payment or deposit, just a fixed quarterly payment that you can build into your budget. This means that the cost is spread out over the term of the agreement, which makes cashflow much easier to predict. And within that cost, you have the assurance that your planting scheme will always be providing optimum enhancement to your indoor environment. In a world where costs can easily fluctuate, it’s good to know that some things are unchanging

Evolve your biophilic scheme over time

Our rental contract can be cancelled with three months’ notice once the initial contract term is complete. But we normally find that planting is such a hit in the workplace, that business owners want to expand their planting design. And because our designs are modular, this is easily done. Planting schemes that are rented have just as much wow factor as those that are bought outright, but with the added advantage that they can be easily updated and extended over time. If you are investing in plants for the first time, renting can also be a good option for simply dipping a toe into the world of workspace biophilia – we promise you’ll be a convert!

All rental packages include our quality care package

Plant expertise and ‘tender loving care’ comes as standard when you choose our rental package. Our plant nerds at #teamgreen are passionate and knowledgeable about planting – once or twice a month, they’ll visit your premises with all the kit to ensure the highest standard of care for each plant. This ensures that your planting scheme continues to enhance your space – there’s nothing worse than a dusty, neglected fatsia moping in a corner! This also helps to reduce waste, because plants don’t need to be replaced as often when they are looked after properly. If they do need replacing, we do so free of charge. The continued good health of your planting arrangements matters to us, and our aftercare service is underpinned by our comprehensive ten-point service level agreement.

How does plant maintenance work?

After your plants are installed, we will conduct our first maintenance visit two weeks later, and then on a monthly or twice monthly basis. On their scheduled visits our plant technicians will always:

Planting the places where great teams thrive

Incorporating biophilia in your workplace is an investment, both in your space, and in your people. When you choose our rental package, you’ll be protecting that investment, and we’ll be there for you when your workspace needs evolve. You can count on us to keep the magic of planting alive in your space!


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