The Vantage guide to moss walls

What are moss walls?

Moss walls (also known as moss panels) are purely constructed from clusters of preserved moss and or living moss mounted onto steel panels or backing boards onto your office walls.

Unlike living green walls, moss walls are flowerless plants that often thrive in unlit and damp locations, so they're perfect for offices with fewer windows!

The Vantage guide to moss walls

What are the benefits?

Moss walls are great air purifiers
Like living walls and plants, moss walls help remove toxins from the air and replace it with clean, fresh oxygen helping you breathe better in the workplace.

Moss helps to reduce noise levels
Moss walls are a great idea to add to a noisier office environment, moss walls are proven to help reduce noise levels helping your offices be a little quieter.

Increased productivity and cognition  
Plants are proven to help improve productivity levels and cognition by 15%, meaning incorporating moss walls into your biophilic design will not just look great but help increase productivity levels of your staff as well.  

Improved health and wellbeing
Not only do moss walls help improve productivity, but they also help when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your staff members. Biophilic design helps reduce stress and anxiety especially in the work environment so is a great option to help improve your employee’s wellbeing in the workplace.

The Vantage guide to moss walls

Living walls vs. Preserved moss walls

What's the difference between living walls and preserved moss walls?

Living moss walls:

The biggest benefit of having living moss is that of the environmental and physical benefits that it has on ourselves and our environment, as listed above. However, when thinking about getting your own living moss wall for your office, you need to ensure you have the correct environment for a living moss wall. If you don't, then opt for a preserved moss wall instead.

Conditions needed for a living moss wall:

When having a living moss wall, you can’t install it onto a surface which will have direct sunlight as your moss will dry out and turn a ruddy brown. Living moss walls thrive in offices with low-level lighting so make sure to have it in a room with fewer windows.

The good news is you don’t need to water your living moss wall however, you do need to make sure that you maintain the right level of humidity for you living moss wall to thrive in. If it reaches below a certain threshold you could make up for this by giving your living moss wall a daily mist.

Preserved moss walls:

Preserved moss means that it's no longer alive, and therefore won't purify the air in the way living moss does. It does, however, bring some excellent benefits:

Less maintenance
Preserved moss requires less maintenance than living moss. With preserved moss you don’t need to keep it hydrated by misting it. Preserved moss also doesn’t require a soil base, which means you can arrange it in more creative ways than with living moss.

The same circumstances are required with preserved moss as they are with living moss in that placing it in direct sunlight will still dry it out and perhaps even bleach it.

Noise cancellation
As with living moss walls, preserved moss can reduce noise levels around the office, which is a great added benefit for those offices on the noisier side.

"Which moss wall you choose is ultimately up to you, and what you are looking for. Moss is very versatile and low maintenance so is a great option for wanting to turn your offices green without taking up office space. Both have similar benefits and are an ideal option to incorporate into your biophilic design!"

Hollie Kneeshaw
Interior Planting Designer

The Vantage guide to moss walls

What's the best type of moss to use?

There are many types of moss that you can use when it comes to customising your own moss wall, including:

+ Reindeer moss
+ Bun moss
+ Pillow moss
+ Flat moss

Each type of moss can be combined to create a beautiful moss wall, or you can decide to have one moss on its own or combine it with artificial or living plants. Reindeer moss, however, can be dyed and coloured to however you choose so is effective in capturing your brand colours and aesthetic.

The Vantage guide to moss walls

How is a moss wall installed?

Moss walls are installed onto a steel panel or backing board and are then installed onto your office walls. Moss walls can pretty much be installed anywhere, however, there are some limitations to where you can put your moss wall, and these include:

Outside – it’s not ideal to put a moss wall outside as they tend to thrive in low-level light so exposing them to outdoor light would result in it drying out and losing its colour.

In dry areas – Moss walls require a minimum of around 40-50% humidity in order to look their best, so think about the humidity levels before you install your moss panel.

Near heaters or air conditioning vents – Putting your moss walls right next to a radiator or air conditioning vent will most likely dry the moss out and will make your moss wall look damaged and not what it should be.

"Moss walls are a great addition to any office space that wishes to upgrade your office aesthetic, improve the health and wellbeing of workers or want to incorporate biophilic design into their workspace."


Whether you have a large office or a small windowless one, moss walls bring great benefits and help brighten up the average concrete office space.

If you would like to discuss getting your own moss wall for your offices, chat with our team.