What does good office plant maintenance look like?      

Whether a client is incorporating biophilia into their office for the first time or choosing to further ‘greenify’ their space with living plants, one of the burning questions is always ‘maintenance’. Naturally, everyone wants to keep their newly planted glossy green foliage looking as good as the day it was installed, and sometimes there is a little nervousness about how this might happen. The good news is, this is really easy when you choose our aftercare package!

Aftercare comes as standard with our rental package, and we also strongly recommend it with purchased plants as an ongoing plan. Living plants have differing care needs – it’s not complicated, but you do need to know what you are doing! Once or twice a month, a skilled technician will tend to the plant displays – they are fully trained and have all the kit to ensure the highest standard of care for each one. This approach delivers peace of mind that plants and green walls will continue to enhance a space, and it also helps to prevent waste and the cost of replacing neglected plants.

How does plant maintenance work?

After your plants are installed, we will conduct our first maintenance visit two weeks later, and then on a monthly or twice monthly basis (depending on the number of plants and location) thereafter. Our plant technicians are thorough and knowledgeable – on their scheduled visits they will always:

  • Clean the leaves of the plant
  • Clean the planter
  • Top up with correct growing medium
  • Water the plant – if needed!
  • Feed the plant according to its specific needs
  • Remove any unsightly foliage without compromising the plant
  • Check for pests/disease
  • Replace any plant that is failing or has become overgrown
  • Provide suitable support and training for growing plants

Our technicians are always on hand to deal with any questions you might have when they visit, and if you have a routine issue in between visits, we will aim to get to you within two days, or for priority issues, within 24 hours. The continued good health of your planting arrangements matters to us, and our aftercare service is underpinned by our comprehensive Service Level Agreement.

Incorporating biophilia in your building is an investment, both in your space, and in your people. Our aftercare package protects that investment, and you can rely on our trained technicians to be diligent, professional and generally enthusiastic about planting at all times! We’ve been in the plant business for over four decades, so we know a thing or two about looking after plants. You can count on us to keep the magic of planting alive in your space!

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have specific questions about our maintenance package.