Working towards ambitious
climate targets

As part of their commitment to climate, Montagu has set stringent emissions targets that have meant they have been 100% carbon neutral since 2019.

Morgan Lovell designed a spectacular Scandi-inspired reception area, featuring vertical slatted wood, integrated architectural lighting. The neutral palette and clever design allows natural light to flow in from the side – the perfect spot for some luscious green Monstera Deliciosa!

Take a look at the video below to immerse yourself in the green space that we created:

The central staircase provides a stunning focal point, and a practical, multi-functional space

Crafting a sustainable workplace that's fit for the future

Montagu’s alignment with our approach to sustainability meant that we were the perfect team to assist in the building and production of green moss walls. The goal was to ultimately use greenery to inject more life into the office space will act as a visual representation of Montagu’s eco-friendly commitment. Just like we did in DPD Green locations up and down the country.

Bespoke moss wall designed and installed by Vantage Spaces

Incorporating form and function

The challenge here was incorporating greenery into a busy London office without it getting in the way. Working with Morgan Lovell, we created functional moss walls and incorporated plants to nourish the office space with nature.

To fulfil our objectives, we paired seamless bun moss walls with panels of flat moss throughout the office – introducing tasteful colour and texture to the scheme. Large leafy plants sit in bright corners overlooking Tower Bridge, and smaller table plants rest on low coffee tables.

Bespoke moss installation tucked inside a vertical pillar

Acoustic benefits

Noise can be problematic in large open-plan office spaces. We collaborated with Morgan Lovell to create sleek office dividers, with space to include plants. This design is a multi-functional office divider that works as a screen, room divider – breaking up the space, and bringing down the noise.

Multi-purpose modular furniture to create zones within the workspace

Biophilia at its finest

In addition to using the office floor to add greenery, we have utilised elevated platforms and draping plants to envelop meeting spaces with leafy green plants, surrounding Montagu’s employees with plants and their abundance of associated benefits.

Finally, we have used our textured moss walls around the office as a reflection of the company's sustainable outlook, adding colour, texture and life to the space. The new Montagu workspace is a calm and practical space that we, in collaboration with Morgan Lovell, are proud to have elevated with a biophilic flair.

For this project, we provided:

+ Custom Moss Walls
+ EnviroLeaf Sustainable Planting
+ Freestanding & Potted Plants
+ Hanging Plants
+ Biophilia Consultation

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