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For many planting designs, we recommend our EnviroLeaf system. EnviroLeaf allows plants to be grown without the need for soil, peat or bark. Instead, each plant’s needs are supplied by water and an inorganic growing medium.

The benefits of EnviroLeaf

Easy to maintain

Compared to standard planting, watering is needed much less frequently. Plants are also less susceptible to being over- or under-watered using EnviroLeaf.


EnviroLeaf promotes healthy root growth, so plants that are grown using it tend to stay healthy and live longer, saving money in the long term.


By avoiding the use of soil, and more especially peat, EnviroLeaf has much less impact on the wider environment than traditional planting methods.

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Sustainable planting
with EnviroLeaf

What is hydroculture?

Hydroculture is similar to hydroponics, but instead of using a nutrient solution containing water, it uses an inorganic solid growing medium, generally rock-based clay pellets. This method delivers ample water, nutrients and oxygen to the roots of plants.

Peat-free planting

Once plants have become acclaimed to hydroculture, they are easy to care for. Many hydroculture plants can go more than six weeks until the next watering! Most importantly, it allows our for peat-free planting, helping to protect natural peatbog landscapes and the animals that live in them.

No fungus gnats (flies!)

Fungus gnats can be irritating and quite difficult to control. They thrive in moist or damp organic matter, and typical soils provide this environment. With hydroculture, the plant grows with a rock-based growing medium, where fungus gnats cannot reproduce or thrive.

Watering made easy

It's easy to under- or over-water your office plants. But with hydroculture, there's a greater margin for error. The abundant air present enables a stronger root system, which is more forgiving if over-watered.

Longer-lasting plants

Hydroculture creates healthier and more robust roots, which support longer-lasting plants. And because you’re not constantly having to spend out on replacement plants, it's the ideal interior planting solution.

Speak to a specialist

We offer a bespoke biophilic design service, to help you choose the best hydroculture plants for your environment. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you incorporate sustainable planting into your workspace.

From drawing board to finished scheme

We offer a complete package, from initial design support, through on-site installation to ongoing maintenance to ensure it looks as great in five years as it did on the first day.


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