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Single and double height planters on castors that lend themselves beautifully to adaptable zoning. The ideal way to introduce the power of planting into fast-moving businesses.

The benefits of EnviroZone

For workers

Delivers the health benefits derived from having living plants close by and creates beautiful workspaces where people love to be.

For businesses

By creating beautiful places to work, EnviroZone planters help attract and keep staff – vital in today’s competitive labour market.


The ultimate in flexibility for biophilic-inspired interior designs that can be easily expanded or rearranged.

Planting the ideas to transform your workplace

Entrance areas

With their bursts of concentrated natural greenery, one or more EnviroZone planters can lift and soften an otherwise sterile reception area.

Desk & workspace

EnviroZone planters come in single and double height options, so are perfect for creating zones with soft, green edges.


Full of real plants where the available light is sufficient, or replicas where it isn’t, EnviroZone planters lift the ambience of any corridor.

Kitchen & breakout

EnviroZone planters bring the positive effects that plants provide without compromising the flexibility of these spaces.

Meeting spaces

The compact, mobile format of EnviroZone planters means the power of planting to invigorate and inspire can be added to almost any room.

Zoned interiors

Available in single or double heights, and a variety of finishes, EnviroZone planters offer a simple and attractive way of creating defined zones.

From drawing board to finished scheme

We offer a complete package, from initial design support, through on-site installation to ongoing maintenance to ensure it looks as great in five years as it did on the first day.


Explore more

Check out other options for creating inspirational workplaces using the power of plants.


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